Amazing location

  • Close to the port
  • Sandy beach
  • Quiet place

The view of the road to Vathi is breathtaking. It is as if one had painted a magic landscape, a magnificent, calm bay with blue waters, surrounded by the white of Cycladic houses, the bay of Vathi.

Upon arrival in Vathi, you can leave the car at the municipal parking area and go down to the main beach of the settlement. The sandy beach and the swallow water offer an ideal setting for our little friends, for endless games and castles in the sand.

Local attractions

  • Taxiarchis Church
  • Chopos Beaches

There is another beach next to the white church of Taxiarchis, where the landscape is more picturesque and resembles a fishing village.  SifnosLiving is located on this side of the settlement.

On the south side of the settlement there are the beaches of Chopos, small inlets with sand and blue waters. In Vathi there are taverns, restaurants, cafes and mini markets that cater to the needs of the residents and visitors of the settlement.



  • Τrails
  • Traditional Fairs
  • Cycladic Gastronomy

For those of you that vacations do not only mean relaxing all day at the beach, Sifnos has a wide network of mapped trails that you can discover. Walking is, after all, the best way to explore the island.

During your stay in Sifnos, you can get to know the local tradition and culture by attending one of the fairs organized on the island. Fairs are usually held on the eve of a Saint’s celebration day. They include an evening service and a traditional feast under the sounds of violins. The festival of Taxiarchis in Vathi is held on July 12, September 5 and November 7.

The Cycladic Gastronomy Festival “Nikolaos Tselemedes” is organized every year in early September in Artemonas, as Nikolaos Tselemedes, who wrote the famous culinary cooking guide, came from Exambella in Sifnos.

Do you like the location?